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  • What is investment casting?
    What is investment casting?In investment casting, wax or a suitable polymer pattern is applied by dipping into a refractory slurry. Once the refractory coating has hardened, the dipping process is then repeated several times to increase coating thickness and strength. Once the final coating hardens, the wax melts and the molten metal is poured into the cavity formed by the wax mold. Once the...
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  • heat treatment
    What does heat treatment mean?Heat treatment is a process that alters the physical properties of a material in a beneficial way. During heat treatment, the material is typically heated to a target temperature at which its physical properties change. Then cool at a controlled rate. Heat treatment is used for several reasons:Anneal or normalize the metal. If the metal is hardened by working or...
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  • What is ductile iron?
    Ductile iron is an alloy of carbon and iron, as is steel. Generally speaking, alloys with a carbon content below 1.7% can be said to be steel, and if higher, cast iron or cast iron. The 1.7% limit is of great metallurgical significance because it marks the limit at which the solidification process produces austenite. There are many types of cast iron. The most general definition is probably...
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  • How Sand Casting Works
    When sand casting, follow several steps, including: Production Mode - Required ProductsA reusable pattern with the same details as the desired finished product is used in the process. The pattern is always larger than the final part to allow for heat shrinking or shrinking. The shrinkage allowance will account for the shrinkage that occurs when the casting cools to room temperature. Liquid...
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