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  • Can a 2-month-old baby use a nasal aspirator to suck the nose?
    After the baby is born, the resistance and immunity are relatively low, so when the parents can't take care of it, it is very prone to colds, runny nose and other phenomena. Especially when there is a runny nose, many parents will use a nasal aspirator for the baby, so can a two-month-old baby use a nasal aspirator to inhale the nose? How old is the nasal aspirator for babies? It...
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  • Children who drink milk every day
    Milk is a drink that many families give to their children. Many people think that their children’s health will get better if they drink milk every day, but some people think that milk does not have that much effect and it doesn’t matter whether they drink it or not. There is an 8-year-old girl in the community, Tongtong, who has a good time with Xiaoying next door. After Tongtong...
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  • It is a long-term thing to restore the child's brain development. In addition, parents should touch the child more, not only can enhance the child's sense of security, but also have a good role in promoting the development of the brain. electric nasal aspirator
    It is a long-term thing to restore the child's brain development. In addition, parents should touch the child more, not only can enhance the child's sense of security, but also have a good role in promoting the development of the brain. electric nasal aspirator https://grownsyofficial.com/products/baby-nasal-aspirator
    Baby Nasal Aspirator Baby Nose Sucker Cleaner
    The safe and reliable nasal aspirator is no longer worrying about baby's stuffy nose! Features of this electric nasal aspirator Strong Suction: GROWNSY nasal aspirator is superior to the traditional type of mother powered snotsucker and pump. It's more powerful, more hygienic and more comvinient. The strong mode is up to 65Kpa, which can resolve almost all kinds of snot. (We highly recommend using Saline Snot Spray to soften stubborn boogies, After apply snot spray, please wait for 30 seconds to one minute, then suck away with our Electric Nasal Aspirator.) Rechargeable: GROWNSY baby nasal aspirator comes with built-in 700mAh battery. It's rechargeable and portable. Long battery life ensure it's available anytime when you need it, which saves the trouble of changing battery. Ideal for a diaper bag. Perfectly safe for your infant or toddler. Safety and Hygienic: BPA and Latex free. GROWNSY electric baby nasal aspirator is accord tested safety suction standards to avoid damage baby's delicate nasal mucosa, mouth contact, and cross-infection. Three independent silicone tips attached will also be the assurance of absolute cleaning. Waterproof and Easy to Clean :The storage tank has been separated from the air intake of the machine to prevent backflow. Simply open the mucus collection cup and rinse with hot soapy water. You’ll never worry again about exposing your baby to bacteria or mold. Quiet Operation: This GROWNSY nose aspirator for babies adopted with a high-quality motor to ensure low noise, and there is a LED warm light, make your baby can enjoy a clean nasal experience in a quiet environment. Help babies breathe better and sleep well without irritation or alarming. This is the most acceptable nasal aspirator for your baby. Baby Nose Sucker can relieve baby's nasal congestion Stuffy nose caused by a cold, although it will not be fatal, but the day is very sad, recalling the days when you turned over and over in bed after catching a cold, is it impressive? Adults are like this, not to mention little babies who can't even blow their noses. Although they can't express, their painful expressions and declining appetite are all protesting against nasal congestion. At this time, you need an adult to help. With the aid of a nasal aspirator, things will be much simpler. Electric Nose Sucker is the most convenient nasal aspirator. ● How to use After starting, adjust to the appropriate gear, gently push the baby's nose, and then the nasal mucus will be sucked out. ● Advantages and disadvantages Compared with ball pump nasal aspirator and mouth suction nose sucker, it can maintain suction for a long time and suck out stubborn dirt. The current new model has several levels of adjustment, and the ability to adjust the suction according to the situation can help the baby to clean the nose. How to use the Baby Nose Sucker ● Before you start sucking your baby's nose, spray a little saline into your baby's nose to moisten the nostrils. It is not recommended to make it at home, because the edible salt we eat contains iodine, and without measuring tools, it is difficult to control the concentration. ● Lay your baby on his back with his face slightly tilted upwards. Use a dropper to drip 1~2 drops of saline into the baby’s nostrils (if it is a salt water spray, spray 1~2 times into the baby’s nostrils), keep the baby’s head still for 10 seconds, and remember to scrub the dropper after each use clean. ● Put the head of the nasal aspirator into your baby's nostrils to suck out the mucus. ● After 5~10 minutes, if the baby still has a stuffy nose, repeat the above process again.  Mom and dad can easily solve the baby's nasal mucus and secretions The nasal aspirator is used to clean up blocked nose and other secretions for your baby. The baby’s nasal cavity is sometimes blocked by secretions. Since the baby can’t clean up his nasal mucus, he must rely on his parents to help clean it. The function of the nasal aspirator is to suck a large amount of nasal mucus and secretions at one time. The baby’s immunity is relatively weak, and the resistance is relatively weak. It is easy to catch a cold and will have a runny nose or nasal congestion, and the baby’s nose is more likely to have secretions than adults. When babies have nasal mucus or nasal congestion, they must be dealt with in time. Their noses are relatively small and cannot be dug out by adult methods. At this time, we can use a baby nasal aspirator to help. There are several types of infant nasal aspirators, such as pump type, electric type, and suction type. The pump type is relatively small and easy to carry, but the suction is not easy to control, and the suction head is relatively slender, and it is easy to get hurt when the baby moves. The suction nasal aspirator can prevent backflow and is controlled by the suction power of the mother's mouth. The suction power is easy to control, which is more convenient to use, but it is not hygienic. The electric type is easy to operate and has a little sound, so the baby will adapt to it. It is recommended that mothers can choose this. The baby's nose is very delicate, and if the material of the suction tip is not good, it will damage the nasal mucosa. When choosing a nasal aspirator, you should choose a material that is very soft, non-irritating, safe and environmentally friendly. The best material on the market is generally soft silicone, which is safe and healthy and suitable for babies. When mothers choose, they can pinch the tip with their hands to test the softness. The harder can not be selected. The baby will easily move, and the hard material will hurt the nasal cavity. The best baby nose aspirator for your baby A good nose aspirator is great value for money. You will notice this, especially when your baby is having trouble breathing at 3 o'clock in the evening and you have to help him in some way! We will show you which nasal aspirators are particularly effective and whether they are expensive are just as good. Different types of nasal aspirators When assembling the initial device, you may ask yourself if you need a baby nasal aspirator. Almost all parents agree: Practical equipment is an indispensable help to clean the baby's nose again. If there is too much nasal discharge, the baby will not be able to drink normally and will always breathe through the mouth. This is especially uncomfortable for your child-especially at night. Nose suckers provide a remedy. When choosing, you are faced with the question of which of the four variants is most suitable. There are the following differences: Manual nasal aspirator with pump ball: There is a plastic ball at the end of the attachment, you have to squeeze it. Then put the nipple on the nose and let go of the ball. This creates suction that should suck out the mucus. This is the cheapest option, but unfortunately it has no effect. Oral nasal aspirator: With this variant, you put the end of the hose in the mouth and create a vacuum by suction (just like a straw). This will pull the mucus out of the nose. The filter ensures that you do not inhale mucus yourself. This is the initial overcoming, but very effective and quiet. Nasal suction device with vacuum cleaner attachment: You can connect this nasal suction device to a vacuum cleaner, and then suck the mucus from the nose from the lowest layer. The suction power is not too strong because it is regulated by the nasal aspirator. This variant is also very effective. However, many babies are afraid of the noise of the vacuum cleaner, so in actual tests, this variant has not been well represented in many families. Electric nasal aspirator: Electric vacuum cleaners use electricity or batteries to work. This is why they can only be used partially while on the move. They are also very effective, but unfortunately very expensive. According to our actual tests and investigations among parents, we cannot recommend manual nasal aspirators with pump balls because they will not be effective if there is more mucus in the nose. All other variants are generally recommended. The decision is more a matter of cost. The best manual nasal aspirator It is a classic in the drawer of the replacement table-a manual baby nasal aspirator. This variant consists of a rubber ball and a suction member. The suction member is usually provided with a collection container in which secretions can be collected. To use the manual suction device, press down on the rubber attachment and bring the suction attachment to your nose. Form negative pressure. When the ball is opened again, the secretions are sucked out by the negative pressure. Very important note: first squeeze the ball, then insert the nipple into your nose. This will prevent the draft of the ball from being sucked directly into your nose. This ensures that the secretions enter the nose more deeply. It is easy to clean the manual nasal aspirator. You only need to separate the rubber ball from the nipple and remove the secretions. Clean the outside too. Many manual variants can also be put in the dishwasher. One major disadvantage of a manual vacuum cleaner: It is relatively weak, so it is usually not helpful. Unfortunately, this shortcoming is really serious because you need a good nasal aspirator, especially when the mucus in the nose is heavy. Oral nasal aspirator These models cost many parents some initial effort, but they are effective and can get the job done. You create a negative pressure on the device through your mouth. The baby nasal aspirator consists of a collection container or filter and a hose. You don't need to worry about secretions entering your mouth. This prevents the combination of equipment and replaceable filters. To use the nasal aspirator, bring the suction part to your child's nose. Then put the mouthpiece in your mouth and suck gently. The secretions are transferred to a collection container. The biggest advantage of this variant is that you can optimally adjust the negative pressure yourself. The device can be completely disassembled (this makes cleaning easier). Compared with a manual nasal aspirator, it is significantly more powerful, but it is inexpensive and no problem for babies. Compared with the electric vacuum cleaner and the version with the vacuum cleaner attachment: it does not generate any noise, so it is very suitable for use at night. The pacifier is also small and practical and can be used quickly and easily. The best nasal aspirator to use with a vacuum cleaner An interesting variant is a special accessory that can be used with the vacuum cleaner. It is a universal accessory for all common vacuum cleaner models. This is just connected to the vacuum cleaner. Don't worry about the suction of the vacuum cleaner being too tight, because it is automatically adjusted. Many parents swear by this device that it works very well. Although this variant is very effective, the size of the vacuum cleaner can upset your baby and make him cry-this is the biggest criticism in practice. Unfortunately, many parents accurately told us that we cannot recommend this variant due to the high noise level at night. On the other hand, mouth-suction nasal aspirators are accepted by significantly more infants. The best electric nasal aspirator The electric nasal aspirator is very easy to use and particularly effective. In this variant, the negative pressure is generated through the use of electricity or batteries. If the suction part is on the nose, the device can be opened. Its high suction power makes it particularly suitable for removing very stubborn and deep-rooted mucus. If you choose one of the battery-powered models, you can also use the electric vacuum cleaner on the go. The noise level of this nasal aspirator is relatively low. There is a buzzing sound. This is usually well accepted by children and will not have a destructive effect. In principle, it is the luxurious version of the nasal aspirator. Very effective, but expensive: the price of this type of model is about 130 to 150 euros. Important information about using baby nasal aspirator When buying a nasal aspirator, you must attach great importance to quality. Especially the manual version only costs a few Euros. Before using it for the first time, make sure that the nasal aspirator is well made. Especially on plastics, small edges may appear. These can seriously damage sensitive noses. Another important aspect is the material used to make the nipple. This should be as soft and adaptable as possible, and free of plasticizers (no BPA). Many manufacturers now use food-grade silicones that do not contain plasticizers. The nasal aspirator is particularly easy to disassemble and is an ideal choice. In this way, you can ensure that the equipment can be cleaned hygienically. When using a nasal aspirator, it is important to ensure that the attachment does not penetrate too deep into the baby’s nose. It is enough if it is located at the entrance of the nostril. If it is too far in the nose, it will quickly damage the sensitive nasal mucosa. Hold the baby's head firmly when using it. Even if your baby is still very young, uncontrolled movements may occur, which can also damage the nasal mucosa. Pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness. If dirt and impurities come into contact with the mucous membrane, they can cause inflammation. Especially when the mucous membrane is injured, dirt can easily penetrate and cause great damage. The possible risks in the summary If the nasal aspirator is used correctly and carefully, there is usually no risk involved. However, accidental movements or incorrect use of infants will always cause damage to the nose mucosa. Damage or severe irritation of the mucous membranes can cause them to swell even more. This further hinders the baby's breathing. If you notice these side effects, you should see a doctor. The second risk that may be caused by incorrect use is sinus inflammation. If you don’t use the nasal aspirator correctly and blow air into your nose (however, this shouldn’t actually happen), the secretions can enter the sinuses and cause severe inflammation, which in some cases can lead to secondary disease. Alternatives to nasal aspirators If you really do not want to use a nasal aspirator, then flushing the nasal cavity with saline is a good choice. Unfortunately, this is as uncomfortable as a nasal aspirator for babies, but the nose is definitely free afterwards. You can also use seawater nasal spray. By the way, in Africa, the mother closes one nostril of the child and then sucks the other nostril with her mouth. However, this is just for the real hardship! When should I use a nasal aspirator? When the baby is breathing water or the nose can hardly breathe, you can use a nasal aspirator. The otolaryngologist specially reminds that it’s not enough to help a child suck the nose too often. Too frequent use will also make the child fear. Usually after bathing, before going to bed, or when the amount of nasal discharge is too much, help the baby to suck out the nasal discharge moderately. , You can improve his breathing and sleep quality without too much frequency. Does this nasal aspirator have any advantages over occobaby and watolt? It has a better display than Watolt will be more clear and easy to understand, compared to OCCObaby more compact and easy to carry, GROWNSY superior to these two nasal aspirators is that it is equipped with a 700mAh rechargeable battery saves me time and money to replace the battery How do you disassemble for cleaning? Our manual has detailed disassembly steps, after disassembly, put it in warm soapy water and wash My child doesn’t like the sound of the working aspirator. How do I make him comfortable with it? Our nasal aspirator is equipped with music and light soothing system, which can attract baby's attention very well More FAQs of electric nasal aspirator: Precautions for using nasal aspirator How to properly clean the nasal cavity of the baby? How often does the nasal aspirator need to be cleaned? View instructions
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  • What should I do if there is nasal mucus in the baby's nose?
    Babies under one year old are relatively weak, and they are very susceptible to colds when the season changes. And children's cold is the biggest headache for parents. For example, if the baby has a runny nose, the baby's nose is very fragile, and he can't suck his nose spontaneously. So what should I do if my baby has nasal mucus in his nose? How to deal with nasal mucus in your baby's nose:...
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    The difference between the ultraviolet germicidal lamp and the ordinary fluorescent lamp is that the germicidal lamp does not need to convert the excited ultraviolet rays into visible light. The ultraviolet rays with the wavelength of 253.7nm can play a good sterilization effect. The absorption spectrum of light waves by cells is regular. Cells have the largest absorption of ultraviolet light...
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