Another victim said the scheme appeared to have "so many people" signing up that Rack and Raangee, another NBA 2K player allegedly associated with the scheme, have created an FAQ document was created to explain how the scheme performed. P.TV has obtained a copy of a document in which Raangee declared that he was "the guy who gets chances for people", while Rack, Calvin and another accomplice, who doesn't appear to belong to the NBA 2K community dealt with the financial aspects of the scheme. (P.TV has been unable to get in touch with Calvin, and has chosen not to make public his name.) Rangee states in the FAQ document in the FAQ document that "First of all let me state that what we're doing isn't anything illegal." The FAQ document was obtained from P.TV. Rangee claims that if it was illegal it would be considered illegal because it is not worth the chance of me going to prison. If it was a scam, I and Rack would not take the risk of publishing our names to others. I am in love with this community too much and have put in a lot of time in making my name prominent." If you want to know more about NBA 2K, you can go to
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