What should I pay attention to when the led night light is charged normally? LED Night Light Factory Description: Nowadays, as people's lifestyles become more diverse, the use of nightlights is becoming more diverse. The charging method is also diversified. Night light charging method: 1, socket charging Now the built-in battery of the night light is basically a lithium battery, which can be charged at any time. It does not need to be completely discharged, and it will not affect the battery. Connect the power cord directly into the socket to charge. 2, USB data line interface charging Now for the convenience of use and charging, the designed Android data cable charging interface is convenient for charging, and can be directly plugged into a computer or charged on the treasure. Keeping the night light in a state of being in a state of electricity can play an emergency role. Nightlight charging safety precautions: 1. When charging, it will burn out all the LEDs on your desk light. The reason is that the charging is not through the isolation transformer. When charging, it has high voltage. If the light is turned on, it will break down all the LEDs, which will damage the product itself. battery. Therefore, it is impossible to illuminate while charging. 2, each time you want to stay away from flammable and explosive materials, the charging time is best not to exceed 12 hours. The first charge is best filled for eight hours to maximize battery capacity. Hiraforl night light wall light charging for eight hours is available for up to two months. Built-in lithium battery with light control sensing. Ninghai Haohua Electronic&Electric Co ,Ltd . is a professional LED Night Light Factory in China. It manufactures and supplies high-quality LED night light with professional quality. The product specifications are complete and the style is exquisite. The goods are exported to Europe, the United States, Australia and other countries and regions. Https://www.nhhx.net
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