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  • Why is a cashmere scarf worth it
    Cashmere Scarves Do Not Cause Skin Allergies Or Itchy SensationsPerhaps to some people, allergies are more of an excuse than anything else. But only those who really experience allergies can understand the troubles they bring to us. If you have sensitive skin, you can have allergies all year round. We certainly don't want to be in a room full of people constantly sneezing or coughing. If...
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  • Why are Brand Cashmere Scarves so Expensive?
    Why are Brand Cashmere Scarves so Expensive? There is absolutely no doubt that branded goods carry the brand premium, which is the price a buyer is willing to pay over and above the price that a similar unbranded product. It is the cost of the prestige associated with saying "This is Burberry". In my experience with clothing, the brand premium on the MSRP over the cost ranges from 300% to a...
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