Market Highlights

The global tunable laser market spans across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa and South America.

Tunable lasers are specialized lasers that provide output wavelength, which can be tuned to the desired frequency for specialized applications. Tunable lasers enable the alteration of frequency in the desired range with its ability to switch the frequency based on the packets. These lasers mostly operate in a continuous mode allowing a small emission bandwidth. Some of these lasers are mode-hop-free over some specific range of frequencies. The major factors helping boost the market include developments across photonics and measurement instruments, increasing network congestion and traffic, and adoption of spectroscopy in healthcare and other related applications. The need for obtaining quick results at a low cost is the major factor driving the growth of the tunable lasers market across the globe. Furthermore, the rise in the demand for tunable lasers from the environmental screening vertical and their rising adoption in the pharmaceutical and other industries also drive demand.

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The geographic analysis of the Tunable Diode Laser Analyzer Market has been done for North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa and South America. In 2019, the market was led by Asia-Pacific, with a 44.2% share, followed by Europe with shares of 27.6%. The study reveals that tunable laser is trending in North America and Asia region. Demand for tunable lasers in the region is likely to remain majorly from economies such as China, South Korea, and Japan due to the growing biopharmaceuticals plants and biotechnology research & development. Furthermore, the region is actively moving towards the development of an efficient measurement infrastructure that will assist the region in the international trade, improve industrial efficiency and increase semiconductor manufacturers competitiveness. 

On the contrary, North America is expected to witness the fastest growth in the global tunable laser market. The region has witnessed high investments by the government in research & development of the pharmaceuticals industry, which increases the demand for tunable laser. Furthermore, the implementation of stringent government regulations to produce pharmaceuticals has positively impacted the tunable laser market as it has led to the demand for medical screening. The region houses majority of the key market players, which are focused on research and development of tunable lasers with advanced capabilities to obtain a competitive position in the market.

Global Tunable Laser Market: Segmentation

The global tunable laser market is segmented into frequency, application, and vertical. By frequency, the market is segmented into 0.77um–0.91um (Ultra-Narrow Linewidth), 1.26um–1.36um (O-Band), 1.36um–1.46um (E-Band), 1.46um–1.53um (S-Band), 1.53um–1.57um (C-Band), 1.57um–1.63um (L-Band), 1.63um–1.68um (U-Band), and 2um. 

By vertical, the market has been segmented into telecommunication & networking, healthcare, aerospace & defense, manufacturing, semiconductor, energy & utilities, and others. 

Based on application, the market has been segmented into spectroscopy, metrology, optical fiber communication, laser cooling, and others.

The key players of the global tunable laser market are Yokogawa Electric Corp (Japan), Mettler Toledo (US), Toptica Photonics (Germany), Hubner GmbH & Co KG (Germany), Agilent Technologies Inc. (US), Focused Photonics Inc. (China), Luna (US), NEC Corporation (Japan), NeoPhotonics Corporation (US), and Santec Corporation (Japan) among others.

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