The action of this game takes place in a parallel universe with a very hostile environment. In terms of gameplay, this is a classic post-apocalyptic RPG with turn-based battles in the spirit of the first parts of Fallout.



Rules of War - browser strategy , the gameplay of which can be divided into 2 parts. The first is base building . The player will have to solve economic problems, build resource buildings, research technologies and take care of the security of their possessions. The second is a war with neighbors on the global map . Moving to it, you will see many bases of other gamers, and you can cooperate with these users or start a war.

The player can unite with others in a clan and develop together, as well as lead fierce group battles. All actions take place in post-apocalyptic locations - lifeless wastelands, radioactive deserts and others.



Urban Dead is a text-based browser unblocked games 76 developed in 2005 by just one person. Despite the almost complete absence of animation and a graphical interface, the game is still afloat, and over 1.6 million people have played it during the existence of the project.

The idea of ​​the game is trivial - there was a zombie apocalypse, and you have to survive. You can do it alone or with other users. There are various buildings (shopping malls, laboratories, hospitals, police stations) that are text blocks. There are three classes of survivors: scientists, civilians, military.

You can play as zombies in Urban Dead

An excellent game that impresses with well-thought-out gameplay, which is definitely a must-play for fans of the genre.



A browser-based MMORPG unblocked games 66 set in a post-nuclear future in the CIS. Residents of one of the surviving cities are trying to establish a semblance of civilized life in it, jointly fighting back the looters rampaging in the area. However, not everything is so smooth inside the urban community: the decline in morals, looting, murders, the black market and prostitution stood up as a wall in the way of the high aspirations of the local enthusiasts.

The player, who finds himself in the thick of all these events, decides for himself which of their many sides to join and what to do. At the same time, there is a lot of adult and cynical humor in Unit Online quests. The gameplay offers real-time combat (including PvP ) and free exploration of a vast, seamless world.