The US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) has acquired an unknown number of hand-launched unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS) that are capable of blocking enemy electronic signals in "contested areas".

Acquisition information has been included in the Department of Defense (DoD) budget estimate for 2021.

The DoD does not provide detailed information on the capabilities of the "classified" drone developed by Project Hornet, other than noting that the mini-plane is "versatile" in design and can block a range of electronic devices.

Forbes said a cell phone-sized GPS jammer on an unmanned aircraft could block or "spoof" an entire city's Global Positioning System (GPS), adding that the system could also be used to disable enemy radar to put.

Robert Bunker, further proof of the system's effectiveness, security and counter-terrorism, told Forbes: "One of these electronic warfare drones could position itself over a terrorist or insurgent security camp to electronically isolate it before it is ambushed."

12 Bands Powerful Jammer

Military intervention is essential to modern warfare. The main fighting force in almost all countries is armed. The main purpose of military jamming devices is to resist threats and terrorist attacks. During the Iraq war, these jammers proved to be very important in depriving the insurgents of their most powerful weapons and improved explosive devices. Also introduced a new generation of jammers. They are able to cover a wide range of frequencies and perform specific 'start-up' interference, which means that 'the receiver will not be mistaken for a modified version of its own signal, but will interfere with the designed interference response. to deceive very specific devices. When the interference got even better, the Iraqi rebels fundamentally gave up the use of improvised explosive devices, and the death toll from improvised explosive devices dropped. The use of this equipment greatly improves the survivability of soldiers.

The strong wifi jammer has a strong interference range and can interfere with different frequency bands, which is very convenient. The most powerful jammers have an adjustable output power. You can customize the output and control the restricted area as you need. High power jammers have a wide range of applications. Usually used in prisons, schools and other places. It can effectively prevent information leakage and dissemination.