LED light strips provide a variety of bright colors, you can quickly and easily use the plug-and-play strip lighting kit and utility strip lighting. It is sleek, versatile and cost-effective.


  1. What is an LED light bar?
    LED strips are slender tape strips with micro SMD chips that emit light. They are versatile, with a length of almost 1 to 5 meters and can be mounted on almost any object. They can also be cut to a length to suit your needs and come with a waterproof sleeve so you can use them in a variety of locations.

Most commonly they are used for railings, under kitchen counters, bathrooms, behind home entertainment systems, and accent lighting.

  1. Is the LED light bar dimmable?
    They are, but you also need to make sure you have a dimmable LED driver (unless of course you are using a plug and play kit). This is because LED strips rely on a constant current source, which can only be provided by a driver that converts AC power to DC power.
  2. Do LED strips need drivers?
    When we talk about drivers, if you don't use a plug-and-play strip lighting kit, you will need a driver to power the strip lighting.

When the required LED transformer is found, the power of the driver needs to cover the power of the light bar to be powered, plus 20%; therefore, a 5-meter-long strip lighting with 60 small LED chips equal to 25W requires a 30W LED driver

  1. Is the LED light bar safe?
    If properly installed and used, LED light bars are as safe as any other electric light source. We always recommend that you consult an electrician when installing utility strip lighting.
  2. Are LED strips cheap to run?
    Yes. The operating cost of LED light bars is very low. This is because LEDs convert 90% of their energy into light, making it the most cost-effective light source around.

For example, running a typical 10W LED light bar costs about £ 10 per year. With an equivalent incandescent light source, you could spend £ 60 on energy costs per year!

  1. Is the LED light bar bright enough?
    It depends where you are going to use them, but you can expect the new LED light bar to be as bright as any other light source. They also have different lumens (brightness) values, giving you more flexibility.
  2. Is the LED light bar waterproof?
    You can use non-waterproof, splash-proof and waterproof lights with lighting. LUMiLife waterproof strip lighting is sealed inside a silicone tube, so you can safely use them almost anywhere.
  3. Can LED strip lights be cut and / or connected together?
    The strip light comes with a handy small marker that can be cut to a certain length, so if you have a five-meter-long strip but only need four meters, you can cut as needed. The remaining meters are not wasted and can be used elsewhere in the home.

You can also easily attach strips of different lengths. The best way is to use a strip light connector that does not require soldering.

You need to make sure you use the correct size strip connector that matches the strip size you are using. Available in three different sizes:

  • 8mm connector for monochrome 3528 (chiplet) strip lighting
    • 10mm connector for monochrome 5050 (large chip) strip lighting
    • RGB connector for multi-color 5050 (large chip) strip lighting

Then you simply plug both ends of the strip into the connector and clight it. It's that simple! Just remember not to exceed the total length of five meters.

  1. Why does my LED light bar blink?
    The power source you are using may cause your LED light bar to flicker.

LEDs require direct current (DC) power, and most of the UK's mains power is alternating current (AC) power. To solve this problem, you need a high-quality LED driver whose total power needs to cover the total power of the tape being powered, plus 20%.

Another reason may be the length of the light strip. We always recommend that you keep each length of strip lighting you use at five meters or less. This ensures that enough power is available over the entire length of the light bar, preventing flickering or dimming of the light.


  1. Can the LED light bar be bent?
    Yes, not at all. You can bend standard non-waterproof LED strips around the corners-just bend them at the "cut" line.

Alternatively, for more complex angles, you can cut the LED light bar and solder a wire between different lengths to carry the power. However, this method is less sensitive to the eyes.

The waterproof LED light bar cannot be bent. This is because they are coated with waterproof silicone and are not flexible enough to bend corners, so you must cut and weld adjacent lengths.

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