Today, let's talk about a hot topic in the home, that is, is better of the corded vacuum cleaner or cordless vacuum cleaner?

If it is only in home life, and the house is not as large as two or three hundred square meters, then the wireless vacuum cleaner has the advantage of rolling over the wired vacuum cleaner in terms of portability and comfort.

Without the constraints of wires, it can be easily used in every use scene in the home environment, whether it is floor carpets or bedding, or even cobwebs and dust on the ceiling and curtains, it can be very convenient and easy to clean.

Today, with the development of science and technology, many wireless vacuum cleaners are equipped with a lot of brush heads, which can not only vacuum, but also remove mites, and some even have the function of mopping the floor and even absorbing water. And compared with wired vacuum cleaners, wireless vacuum cleaners will be more convenient to use, and their appearance will be more refined and beautiful than wired vacuum cleaners, and they will take up less storage space.

And if it is a larger factory or office environment, in the case of a larger use area, a wired vacuum cleaner is more recommended. The short board of the wireless vacuum cleaner is that it has no wires to restrict it. The energy used comes from the battery in the fuselage. With a battery, there must be a so-called "life time", which is not suitable for larger areas. When a wired vacuum cleaner is plugged in, there is no need to consider the so-called battery life, and it can use a larger suction force than a wireless vacuum cleaner to clean a large area of ​​hygiene. However, compared with wireless vacuum cleaners, wired vacuum cleaners are bulkier and bulkier, and are not particularly convenient to use, and are often equipped with less suction heads than wireless vacuum cleaners.

Today, with the development of science and technology, whether it is a wireless vacuum cleaner or a wired vacuum cleaner, its suction power has already reached the level of excess. Unless it is in a dusty factory, it is difficult to use the strongest gear of the vacuum cleaner.

Among the wireless vacuum cleaners, the finger housekeeper is also worth recommending. As a Chinese enterprise, its products are not only excellent in suction, but also have what may be the only true disinfection and sterilization technology in the industry that does not require consumables. A vacuum cleaner that can not only clean your home, but also protect your health from a microscopic level, it is really worth recommending.

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