Have you ever seen a custom bobblehead before? It is a one of the most popular collectible items and it is characterized mainly as a toy which has a head that bobbles or moves with the slightest tap or movement. So how does it work and what is it made of? This is a kind of toy wherein the head is connected to a spring. This spring is then coupled to the toy's body. Moreover, the torso of the doll is smaller compared to the size of the head. This creates more emphasis to the wobbling head. This collectible is also known for its other names such as nodder, bobbing head doll or wobbler.

For sure you have seen one in cars and in stores. Bobble head dolls are very popular among sports fans because most sporting events sell or give out these nodders as a souvenir or as a collectible item. These bobble head toys first made its popular appearance during the 1950's during the release of the Beatles bobble head collection. Since then, these collectible toys have seemed to be crazed by sports and music fans all over the world. However, its popularity has died down for quite some time after the 1980's. But it slowly became fashionable again when bobble head manufacturers found economical ways to produce it. These makers have already created nodders that were made of inexpensive materials such as plastic so the production of various bobble head dolls became alive once more.

Collectibles and bobble head toy series have been released for promotional and advertising purposes while some are produced for wobbler buffs to add to their collection. Aside from that, these bobble head toys and dolls are great gift ideas for men and for guy friends. Most nodder collectors look for these dolls depicting cartoon and movie characters, popular soccer players and even those in other sporting events. Some popular food chains even have their own bobble head toys of their mascots as a souvenir item for their customers. Aside from that, more and more wobbler manufacturers are into making customized nodders. If you want to have an actual toy figure of your own, you can simply give your photo and voila, in a matter of days you will a bobbing head doll version of yourself.

Most wobbler manufacturers are already accepting customized requests from clients so you can definitely have a nodder doll of your favorite star or your cherished dog. Want to know where to look for the best bobble head manufacturer? There are tons of sites on the internet where you will have a wide variety of choices. Custom bobbing head items may differ from one manufacturer to another so it is best if you do some canvassing first. The price also varies depending on the size, the intricacy, the design and the material to be used. Some plastics are much more durable than others and some are made of high-grade material. But for sure, custom bobble heads make a nice gift or souvenir suited for different occasions and events.

Bobbleheads are NO LONGER exclusive to celebrities. Now you may order your Custom Bobbleheads.