Dubai is the most frequented of the United Arab Emirates. Tourists come to Dubai due to the tallest buildings as well as man-made islands and underwater eateries. Dubai was once home to cattle ranchers who were nomadic Desert safari Dubai deals. The city's humid climate may be a bit strange, considering that the temperatures in Dubai can reach a staggering 45°C in the summer months, and winters are hot with temperatures of 23°C.


The beautiful location is worthy of visiting however, you shouldn't overlook it. The first is that the desert climate does not mean that you will see anything more than a landscape comprised of sand dunes. Dubai is a pioneer in contemporary architecture and has a lively urban feel to be matched. The city's skyline is breathtaking with structures that range from unusual to the bizarre or a mix of both. Burj Khalifa is the highest structure in the world with an elevation of 828 meters. At the Top the observation deck of Burj Khalifa located at 124 levels is an amazing attraction offering stunning perspectives of the city and the surrounding Emirates.


Dubai provides a variety of dining choices. Dubai is a favorite tourist destination and provides an array of dining options. It is likely that you will discover the perfect flavor for your taste. If you are in doubts, there's the possibility that one of the many hotels in Dubai will be serving the dish. Dubai is one of the Arab nation with modernity is an innovator in traditional cuisine that is homegrown. The most adored dining establishments in Dubai include Ossiano, Bice, and Raffles Dubai. However, restaurants such as Hilton Dubai Creek are also extremely popular, especially since Dubai does not provide alcohol at its hotels. If you like drinking a glass of wine after dinner, Dubai restaurants (and everywhere in the country) don't offer alcohol. It is necessary to make reservations at the hotel prior to any drinking. The menu for dinner is smaller and is a great option for those who don't enjoy a beverage.


Dubai is the home of a variety of ethnic cuisines. There are also numerous shopping options. There are numerous malls to pick from such as Dubai Mall, The Mall of the Emirates, and numerous others. You will not go home empty handed. The majority of the major brands are accessible duty-free, as are authentic souks (markets) that sell items such as carpets, gold, and other necessities. The 32-day Dubai Shopping Festival is a must-see when discussing Dubai. It only happens once a year. Dubai Shopping Festival attracts millions of visitors to the city and has the potential to win up to Dh 3.5million in the last year.