Although almost every household is now equipped with electric meters, not all residents know how to use them, and they only have a vague understanding of how electricity bills are calculated. How can electric meters be installed and used correctly? Next, let's talk about the power purchase method and preparation of three phase meter .

The indication of the transformer-connected electric meter must be multiplied by the transformation ratio to be the actual electric energy.

One meter and one card: The IC card held by the user is not interchangeable. If you lose it, you should go to the power supply department (ie electricity sales office) to purchase one.

Electricity purchase preparation: The user must insert the IC card into the card socket once so that the data in the table can be sent back to the computer database.

How to purchase electricity: When selling electricity, insert the IC card into the IC card reader and writer, and operate the computer at the same time, and write the user number, pre-purchased power, capacity limitation method, and limited power into the IC card in encryption.

Of course, any other electric meters need to go through these steps, such as Electromechanical KWh Meter .