In the USA, the market for automobile accessories is growing at a fast pace. Gone are when accessories included merely a Gear Lock, Seat Covers, and Mud Flaps. Cosmetic Styling Elements, safety accessories, Car Lighting systems, and many other items are now available on the market for car accessories. From Safety, Styling, Security System, and Convenience, you will find various car accessories for every aspect and purpose. In this blog, you will read about the topmost helpful car accessories needed for every car owner in 2022.

  1. Cabin AC Pollen Filter

In 2022, specific entry-level, mid-size hatchback, and even compact sedan cars are still available without an AC pollen filter. A Car Cabin AC Filter traps pollen, germs, and exhaust fumes, improving the performance and cooling of the car's air conditioning system over time.

It provides clean air and improves AC cooling and compressor life. Check your Owner Manual or contact the Dealer Showroom to see whether an AC Pollen Filter is available as an accessory. You can also buy an organizer for the car seat along with the pollen filter.

  1. Tyre Inflator

A must-have for any vehicle. You can track incorrect tire pressure psi for your car before going on a lengthy trip, but you can also fill tire pressure to the ideal range on a weekly to fortnightly basis in seconds, ensuring that your car tires last as long as possible.

You will never be trapped on the road due to the potential of a puncture. This tire inflator is used to re-inflate a punctured tire, and because the air will deflate slowly, you can drive for a few kilometers to a local puncture shop for puncture tire repair.

  1. Phone Holder Charger

If your car does not have live navigation, you should invest in an excellent mobile charger and car mobile mounts to mount your phone when using Google Maps navigation. It would help if you avoided the cheap and local mobile mounts available in the market. Choose branded car magnetic phone holder charger that stays in place in most weather conditions.

  1. Alloy Wheels

Replace steel wheels with alloy wheels for improved exterior aesthetics and a car that is easier to handle and drive. Avoid local or unbranded alloy wheels, which may appear trendy but might break and result in a dangerous driving experience. Always get a branded alloy wheel from a reputable manufacturer.