Popular Twitch streamer and veteran MMO player Asmongold has his thoughts on the future of Amazon New World, and while MMO Lost Ark is more popular right now, New World still has potential.

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While Asmongold regularly streams World of Warcraft, he has been an active player in both MMOs and has spent hundreds of hours of airtime on both. Although the OTK co-founder is more inclined to Lost Ark, he still has hope for the Cheap New World Coins future of New World. He thinks the game can bounce back from a downward spiral.

Asmongold said: Lost Ark in Amazon Games was the first big hit, but New World will get better and better over time. He thinks New World is more like Guild Wars 2, and while the game has no subscription barriers, players rarely return to the game after new content is released.

While Asmongold remains optimistic about New World's current state of improvement, he doesn't think New World will break out again. Although New World's player base is dwindling, it's still far from its true demise. Don't have enough New World Coins to buy gear? NewWorldCoins.com can help you. The competition after that will only happen between Lost Ark adding content updates and World of Warcraft preparing to announce its next expansion.

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