To start the plastic injection molding process, plastic pellets are fed from a hopper into a bucket. The barrel contains an internal auger.

Simply put, an auger is a helical device that feeds material by rotating it. A heating belt on the outside of the barrel heats the barrel and screw to melt the plastic into a molten state.

When the machine's cycle starts, the mold closes, and the auger is pushed forward under high pressure, like a giant plunger in a syringe.

In less than a few seconds, an internal auger injects molten plastic into an empty part of the mold, called a cavity. To rapidly cool molten plastic, coolant (usually water) flows into and around the mold through channels, like an engine block. Usually in less than 60 seconds, the plastic solidifies into the shape of the cavity.

After the plastic part solidifies, the mold opens and the part is ejected. Once the plastic injection molding machine ejects the cured plastic part, the process can start all over again.

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