In Lost Ark, each continent's book of adventurers contains varying degrees of hard work and luck. Shushire is the last continent players travel through before being forced to reach a certain item level to advance the story, and is usually a good place to stop and smell the roses, and arrive to work on some of these collectibles. By the way, buying Lost Ark Gold at is definitely worth it, as they not only save players money, but also keep their money safe.

The Cooking section of Shushire's Book of Adventurers has seven items, much like other continents, not too complicated. For the Frozen Butterfly Larva, the player can pick it up and consume it for credits in the Adventurer's Book. This culinary collection can be found in Icewing Highlands, near the entrance to Iceblood Plateau. Ice wings are a good indicator of which bush a frozen butterfly larva is in.

Wolf Meat is another simple culinary collectible that players can pick up and spend on the spot for credit. However, players don't get wolf meat by killing a pack of wolves and hoping the RNG drops. It's in an interactive brown bag in Bitterwind Mountains, where there are several mobs that the player must kill to avoid being interrupted when picking up wolf meat.

Lost Ark Gold

Players can go to Isabelle, the bartender in Rigen Village, to buy a large number of giant ice cubes for 150 credits and sell them under her "Ingredients" tab. And players can Buy Lost Ark Gold Cheap and Fast at MMOWTS. After the player thinks they've had enough, start cooking Helena to make ice chips. It's a one-to-one deal, so a giant ice cube becomes a crushed ice cube, but this is where the RNG comes in: every craft has a chance to make a crushed ice cube.

Be prepared to go back and forth between Isabel and Helena a few times, since the player needs 50 ice cubes and 5 ice cubes to make Helena shaved ice. In order for it to turn into Shushire Snowflake Ice, the Lost Ark Gold player must wait a minute for regular Snowflake to turn into it. Otherwise, if the player eats it before it turns into a collector's edition, the player will have to go through the pain of that RNG again.

Sirius Tears can be purchased from Bartender Isabelle for 1,000,000 credits and spent on the spot for credit. This often costs players a lot of Lost Ark Gold, if the player is missing Lost Ark Gold in the game, don't worry, MMOWTS is selling Lost Ark Gold at the lowest price in the market, where players can quickly get a lot of cheap Lost Ark Gold.