Want to find the best beauty supply store? New York has everything from cosmetics counters to unique discount stores.

Especially in beauty supply stores, shopping in New York is an endless adventure for those who are always looking for the next mainstream trend. Although a large number of clothing stores and shoe stores keep enthusiastic shoppers busy, beauty stores are more friendly to New York's crowded wardrobe because they have a large number of babies. The faster you store your cosmetics, the better you can treat yourself without having to travel long distances to a nail salon or spa in New York.

Find a beauty supply store in New York

Space NK

The Sephora competitor from the UK has a range of coveted cut cosmetics and skin care brands, such as by Terry (the creativity of Yves Saint Laurent's former cosmetics director), shantika and zelens, a plastic beauty substitute. Spalike stores also offer men's moisturizers and shaving accessories. Most of the staff are trained beauticians who can recommend special products for your skin type.

Shen Mei

Owner Jessica Richards only buys products that are hard to find, focusing on natural and British brands, but the beauty chain is best known for a cheap and excellent cosmetics designed by beauty expert Jill Freeman. For just $55, Freeman can focus on creating elegant or dramatic makeup with a combination of Barbie brown and RMS. The best part? Freeman won't sell you every item in his inventory at work because no one likes stress, especially when condoned.

Forever make up

This boutique, located in East Village, is well ventilated. It is the only store of French brand in the United States, and is favored by professionals in the industry because of its strong color products and large screen foundation. Customization is the key here: create your own lipstick palette ($16 for an air conditioning shade, $7 for each lipstick), or customize eye makeup and gloss, add loose flashing powder, double or three times as blush or gloss.


A bold new look is achieved with Polish series of beauty products, which are specially used to represent the highly saturated tones of the whole rainbow. It has more than 1500 colors to choose from, including 450 lip colors alone. No wonder Broadway musicals such as lion king and looking for Neverland rely on it. However, what really makes them stand out from the crowd is not only the amazing affordability of the brand, but also its freedom system, which allows customers to create customized palettes.


Want to develop a clean, organic beauty habit? A few years ago, this all natural health and skin care online store was sought after. Last year, cap opened its first physical store in Xicun and launched independent skin care products such as jiva apoha and in Fiore, surpassing Tata Harper, RMS beauty and earth Tu face. In addition, the store's new product range CAP Beauty includes Captivator, a flower remedial spray and stone coconut butter.