Map shows most popular NFL jersey in every state

Tom Brady isn’t just one of the greatest of all time – GOAT, if you will – on the football field. HIs jersey outsold every other NFL player in more states than anyone else, according to new data.To get more news about customized nfl jerseys cost, you can visit official website.

Lids, a clothing and hat retailer, recently released a map showing the top-selling NFL player jersey in each state. Brady, the recently-retired quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, was far and away the most popular, topping out the list in 18 states. That includes two – Michigan and Indiana – that have their own NFL teams.

Brady was most popular in Florida, unsurprisingly, as well as states in New England, the Midwest, and West, plus Alaska and Hawaii.Close behind Brady was Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, whose jersey was most popular in Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas. Two other quarterbacks – Baltimore Ravens’ Lamar Jackson and Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott – were each top sellers in three separate states.

It wasn’t just quarterbacks that were top sellers, either. In 10 states, jerseys belonging to other offensive players were most desirable. In Minnesota, for example, Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen was the top-selling jersey at Lids.

NFL fans in one state, in particular, were taken aback by the top player jersey sold on their turf. Wisconsin, home to the Green Bay Packers and quarterback Aaron Rodgers, had its rival team’s quarterback, Justin Fields of the Bears, as the top-selling jersey.It isn’t all heartbreak for the Cheesehead State though. In a second map, Lids revealed the top-selling team jerseys in each state. In most cases, like Wisconsin, the home team won out. Brady’s Buccaneers outsold other teams in eight states, beating out the home team in Indiana and into New England.

Nine teams didn’t make the cut, including the Super Bowl-bound Los Angeles Rams, the now-Washington Commanders, and the Indianapolis Colts.