Lost Ark is launching a new set of skins as part of player rewards, with animal skins coming to the game soon.

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The developer apologized for the current state of the game in a recent blog post. The post mentioned previous economic management issues in the game, game features hindering progress, and guardian raids being too difficult. And it promises a ton of bug fixes over the next Gold Lost Ark month, scaling back as it monitors the situation. In addition, the developers have come to prepare a new skin for players as compensation. This is the first collection of new skins we've gotten since launch, the Omen Collection.

This new animal skin is part of a compensation campaign, so all players can get it for free. On March 21st, after the scheduled weekly maintenance and updates, all players can get a special gift box containing: Jukebox songs that will be provided when Jukebox content is released in the future, Legendary Card Pack Selection Chest x2, Menelik's Tome x5, Pheons x132, Appearance Change Ticket, Lost Ark United Structure, Moko-board Mount Selection Chest, Mokokon Pet Selection Chest, and New Animal Skin Selection Chest.

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In addition to the animal skin of your choice, you can also get a unique hoverboard mount called the Moko-board and a Mokokon pet, and you can choose the look you like.

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