With the rapid development of die-casting processing technology, die-casting parts are used in more and more fields. China lead die casting is loved by many people because of its excellent performance and craftsmanship.

The lead dies casting surface produces oxide, sulfide, or other double salt compound coating during the corrosion process, which has the effect of preventing oxidation, sulfidation, dissolution, or volatilization, so it has good resistance in air, sulfuric acid, fresh water, and seawater. Erosive. If lead alloy contains impurities such as bismuth, magnesium, zinc, etc., which are not solid-soluble in lead or form the second phase, the corrosion resistance will be reduced; adding tellurium and selenium can eliminate the harmful effects of impurity bismuth on corrosion resistance. Adding antimony and tellurium to the lead alloy containing bismuth can refine the grain structure, increase the strength, inhibit the harmful effects of bismuth, and improve the corrosion resistance.

On the premise of satisfying product functions, reasonably design die castings, simplify die casting mold structure, reduce die casting costs, reduce die casting defects, and improve die casting parts quality.

With the continuous efforts of China lead die casting factory, the product quality and product defects of lead die casting has been improved a lot, and the quality has been greatly improved.