Now Steam users can play Amazon’s entry into the popular MMO genre, New World, for free from Thursday to Monday.

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In June 2021, New World was launched, and the number of players has been declining in recent months. With a ton of new content being added to the game last week, now is the best time for players to try the game.

Players have unlimited access to the game during the Steam Free Weekend, which means that you can experience a lot of game content in Aeternum through adventure before the time runs out. The considerate customer service in allows you to have the most comfortable transaction process when buying New World Coins. If you think the game is not bad, then you can also buy the standard or deluxe version of the game at a 40% discount.

For those who have already purchased a copy of New World, this weekend is still lucrative. Players can get a Black Bear Pelt Rug Housing Item this weekend, and that item will be available until April 18.

In addition, characters that started during the New World free weekend can be used by those who level up at any New World Gold time after the event ends. So even if you can't create roles on all servers, there are still plenty of options.

With the game's 1.4.1 update added to the game, the Steam Free Weekend has begun. In this latest patch, issues with the world experience, Depths expedition, and progression have been fixed. In addition, during the Steam Free Weekend, New World's UI has also undergone some changes.

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