Since World of Warcraft Patch 9.2 (Eternity's End) was released by Blizzard Entertainment in February, many MMO fans have been looking forward to the next expansion.

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Yet one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, Asmongold, criticized the most annoying aspect of Blizzard's game in a recent stream, and explained why he's doing it right now.

Asmon explained that some players, including himself, might quit WOW, and gave a plausible reason. He explained: "Blizzard puts out the same crap every time in a patch and pretends it's new, which gets a lot of people very tired and introduces a new system of deliberately time-wasting mechanics, and then waits a year before they decide to move it. In addition, this also makes players very disgusted.

When you look back at WOW's history, it's hard to disagree with the streamer. When Battle for Azeroth was released in 2018, many people complained that they would take quite a while in Island Expeditions, Azerite Armor, and Heart of Azeroth. And in Shadowlands, which was released in 2020, a lot of WOW TBC Classic Gold people expressed dissatisfaction with the Conduits and the Covenant system.

Asmongold said: "He's so tired of this, really tired of having to deal with it all the time. For him the ultimate reason is this. Asmongold, a veteran WoW player, is known for his constant emphasis on franchise issues over the years. MMOWTS is a professional website that lets you get 100% legal TBC Classic Gold. And on April 19, the next expansion plan for the series will be announced. Asmon said that if Blizzard didn't spend enough time on it, WoW could come to an end.

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