If you're a big Lost Ark fan, you should know that the Sharpshooter is a ranged DPS class in the game that relies on bows and eagles to deal damage, mostly from mid-range and long-range. Some close range abilities are thrown into it. And players can Buy Lost Ark Gold Cheap and Fast at MMOWTS.

The Sharpshooter has some decent single-player dungeon-clearing abilities, as well as some pretty solid raid DPS. It can be fatal in PvP if the player uses it correctly. If the player has just reached level 50 and wants a build that will help them clear their first dungeon. Then the Sharpshooter PvE Beginner Dungeon Build is a great option.

This build is designed to take advantage of the Lost Ark Gold sharpshooter's massive damage, a combination of AoE skills, some elite-centric skills and easy skill rotation, and a very easy choice between two class sculpts, Loyal Companion or Death Strike . The player doesn't need anything too complicated to complete the player's first run.

Both sculpts are viable, but Golden Eye often finds itself in dungeon clearer builds because of its huge AoE output. It's faster than other engraving classes and doesn't require charging. Instant hits cause massive damage. During the player's first T1 dungeon, players can clear a lot of content with reliable gear and enough AoE damage.

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Players need to choose a crit focus for stats to quickly complete the player's level. Because sharpshooters tend to crit in general, especially their skill tripod. Once the player starts distributing stats between the different gear, the player should focus on critical strikes and specialization secondary, just to get the player's eagle up again and provide debuffs.

Apart from that, Lost Ark Gold plays a very important role in the game as it is the main currency of Lost Ark. Since it is much smaller than other currencies in the game, it is still very difficult for players to get a lot of Lost Ark Gold in the game. The good news, though, is that MMOWTS is selling the cheapest Lost Ark Gold on the market, and players can get a lot of Lost Ark Gold from there.