With the rapid development of society, people have produced new printing equipment in the modern printing industry. The usual work of a printing plant is the three processes of pre-press, printing and post-press. The main work is paper, while the folding machine is used for books and One of the after-sales equipment for newspaper processing, so what is the working principle of the folding machine?

  1. Feida system

The feeder system is mainly composed of a fan and a paper suction feeder, both suction and blowing are included, and the wind speed can also be adjusted. The feeder head can suck up the paper by suction, but it can only suck one piece of paper at a time, and the suction wheel will send it into the runway.

  1. Runway system

It uses the rotating shaft to drive the belt to transport each piece of paper, and there is a row of paper pressing balls on it to hold the paper for better transportation.

  1. Folding forming

Folding is mainly to fold the paper into a certain shape.

The electronic knife folding is to use the electric eye to make the electronic knife move to achieve the folding purpose.

  1. Book collection system

It is through a platform to receive the folded paper, so that they can be neatly lined up.

Since you want to use the folding machine, you must understand its working principle in advance, so that you can avoid unnecessary troubles when you use it, but don't make dangerous moves when the equipment is working to avoid injury.

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