Natural remedies for enlarged prostate have proved to be efficient in relieving BPH symptoms. Regardless of whether you are taking BPH drugs or not, these natural remedies will help you shrink your prostate in a matter of seconds!To get more news about home remedies for chronic prostatitis, you can visit our official website.

An enlarged prostate, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), is a disorder that generally tends to affect men as they age. With age, the cells of the gland begin to multiply, leading to an enlarged prostate. An enlarged prostate is problematic because it presses on the urethra, creating difficulties with urination and weakening the bladder.

BPH will produce symptoms such as weak or interrupted urine stream, inability to urinate, difficulty starting or holding urination, and the need to frequently urinate, especially at night.

Ignoring prostate problems, as some men tend to do, isn’t a smart idea. If left untreated, an enlarged prostate can block the flow of urine out of the bladder, leading to other complications such as urinary retention and kidney damage.

Below are some natural remedies for enlarged prostate you can try at home to ease symptoms of BPH!A sitz bath is an old-fashioned method that really works when it comes to shrinking the prostate naturally. The hot bath relaxes the pelvic muscles and promotes healing. The cold bath eases pain and reduces prostate swelling.

For this method, you just need to fill the bathtub with warm water and then add ½ cup of Epsom salt to it. And, in another bathtub (or large container), you fill with cold water and add several drops of lavender essential oil to the bathtub.

Now, you sit in the bathtub containing hot water (105 degrees F to 115 degrees F) for about 3 minutes. Then, move to the one with cold water for 1 minute (55 degrees F to 85 degrees F).This is a natural way to shrink the prostate and soothe it. Hydrotherapy is commonly used as a method of prostate enlargement treatment, especially for relieving symptoms. A sitz bath increases blood circulation in the pelvic area and eases the constriction of the urethra.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information has even performed a study on patients who have undergone Transurethral Resection of the Prostate. The study on warm sitz bath proved the efficiency of this method for prostate soothing. Patients who performed the sitz bath had fewer complications and recovered faster. This comes to underline one more time the positive effects of the sitz bath for prostate enlargement.Stinging nettle leaves may cause sharp, intense pain, but its extract has benefits for the prostate. The root contains essential bioactive phytochemicals that help shrink prostate tissue. Being a natural diuretic, it also encourages the elimination of inflammatory wastes through urination.

You can have stinging nettle as a drink by simply adding 1 teaspoon of dried leaves to hot water. Let it sit for 10 minutes, then strain. You can drink this tea mix 2 to 3 times daily. Always consult your physician before taking any supplement to determine the correct dosage for your size and condition.Researchers have found that the stinging nettle has anti-inflammatory compounds similar to those contained by pygeum and saw palmetto.

A study conducted in 2019 by Bentham Science has discovered that the nettle roots extract is efficient in prostate soothing and relieving BPH symptoms. Patients have noticed a significant increase in urine flow and a reduction in prostate volume.Pelvic-strengthening or kegel exercises could help in easing some of the discomforts of enlarged prostate because they are useful in tightening and clenching specific pelvic muscles to help control urination. Kegel exercises are one of the most effective ways of reducing prostate swelling and increasing urinary flow.

You just need to empty your bladder and lie on the ground with the knees bent and apart.Then, gently tighten the pelvic floor muscles for about 5 seconds before relaxing them for 5 seconds.