We are currently so overwhelmed with modern IT choices when thinking about new app development projects, so definitely, a consultation with an experienced agent or adviser is often needed to make the right choice.

For example, let’s talk about React Native and Flutter - how to estimate what will be the right choice for you? And the second question is: “Will Flutter replace React Native?”

Both Flutter and React Native are cross-platform mobile frameworks. They both offer a huge amount of pre-programmed modules (that can accelerate the development speed significantly), and their user communities are big. However, to choose the framework wisely, you should understand the differences to build your coming project on the right foundation. 

Our experts believe that both possess their pros and cons depending on the parameters of the project.

Of course, you can compare parameter by parameter, but the overall answer will be – it depends.

Flutter wins on usability and framework design, and performance metrics. And there are supporters of React Native for JavaScript lovers, even if it runs a little slower.