Family Tree Maker has become a new-generation tool where an individual can keep track of their past and future generations without any hassle digitally. It is user-friendly software and with ease, you can move it from one device to the other. 
Transferring FTM from one computer to another You can easily export FTM both Family Tree Maker 2019 altogether safely. This is because while you are moving from one computer to another, the file will still remain in your old device. It happens because you will be making a new folder to transfer. 
Family Tree Maker File Export 
On your computer, launch Family Tree Maker 2019. 
Select Export Button from the File menu available on the toolbar. 
The Export file dialogue box will appear. You can select Entire file to copy all people to the new file or Selected people to select which people to include in the export. 
You can now choose an Output Format. 
Once you've chosen the Output Format, go over the options such as privatise living people, including private facts, and so on, and then choose what you want to export. 
To open the Export pane, click OK. 
You can now select a save location on your computer or an external media. 
If necessary, you can also change the file name.