We know that you know the function of the clutch very clearly when you are a novice. The brake and accelerator are its good partners. When you can drive a higher-level car such as a truck in the future, you will know that whether it is A problem with trucks or cars is that the clutch is too hard to press down. What should I do at this time?

    The adjustment method is as follows: Above the clutch pedal, there is a screw. After loosening the lock nut on the screw for a few turns with the No. 12 wrench, the clutch stroke can be adjusted by rotating the screw to an appropriate position. Clutch adjustment must be moderate, neither too high nor too low. Generally speaking, the longer the disc clutch is used, the harder it will feel. This phenomenon can be said to be very normal. It is caused by the internal structure of the clutch. In order to reduce noise and increase the balance, the internal structure is It is relatively simple. During normal work, the pressure claw and the pressure plate will form friction, so as to increase the resistance during movement. After a long time, the wear of the pressure plate will cause the clutch to be too hard. At this time, it should go to 4S. The store will replace the pressure plate. If the car has been driven for a long time, it is best to replace the three-piece suit. In addition, don't forget to replace the bearing when replacing the three major parts, because the pressure of the bearing and the pressure plate is relatively large when they are in contact, and high temperature-resistant mp grease must be used, which can greatly reduce the weight of the foot. In addition, the most important point is that the clutch is too hard and has a direct relationship with your usual driving habits (here is mainly about the loss of the clutch), so we should pay attention to a few points when driving: try not to step on it when you are not shifting gears. Clutch, shift gears according to road conditions, do not take too long for half-linkage, pick neutral gear when parking, release the clutch pedal, use first gear when starting to reduce clutch overload, these are all methods to protect the clutch, compared to the above methods Good driving habits are the most useful.

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