Wondering why .NET is popular for developing cross-platform web apps? Check out this blog.

The development of web apps has evolved tremendously over the past few years. Rapid growth has been made in web application development through exciting technologies and frameworks. We all know that app development is a time-taking and complex process. Nevertheless, cross-platform app development has made it simpler than ever before.

But, before moving to the core section of the blog, let’s briefly understand what cross-platform applications are and their advantages.

What is a Cross-Platform Application?

Salient Features of ASP.NET Core

Let’s see why ASP.NET core is a powerful choice for developing APIs for your backend.

1. MVC Architecture

The Model View Controller (MVC) approach speeds up the development process and helps separate UI from the business logic. To explain, MVC makes it easy to compile, debug and test your application. Being a DotNET developer, you can also incorporate multiple views and asynchronous techniques as well to improve the performance of your web page. Also, the framework helps a .NET development company deliver high-speed SEO-friendly apps to its client.

2. Ease in Deployment

The .NET web development company looks for flexibility in the development process and the app deployment. The .NET Core is also excellent in that respect and supports Docker containers. Therefore, it is easy to develop microservices on the Docker container.

3. Razor Pages

Since the .NET development company uses Razor pages, it also helps organize UI into different components. They make the web interface cleaner as well as streamlined.

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4. Easy Maintenance

A .NET application development company generally prefers a code stack that is easy to maintain and modify. The language involves minimal boilerplate code as well as facilitates structured programming. That’s the reason why companies hire .NET developers to ensure smooth business without any security concerns, data breaches, or technical vulnerability.

How does ASP.NET help in Cross-Platform Development?

The latest framework has exciting built-in features that make it a definite choice for creating cross-platform apps.

1. Container Support

Containers like Docker Kubernetes have been buzzwords recently. Additionally, ASP.NET Core allows the programmer to deploy their code on these containers and leverage their technology.

2. Security and Protection

Security is given the utmost priority in .NET development services. However, Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) is an attack where intruders can hijack users’ sessions and perform requests.

For instance, When you log in to a bank website or redirect to a different site. This way, the other website can initiate a POST call to the bank server and transfer funds. ASP.NET core framework protects you against such attacks by generating anti-forgery tokens.

3. Localization and Globalization

If your application wants to support multiple languages, you can also utilize ASP.NET Core to localize texts and other data used in your application. You can also create a centralized resource known as resource files to keep the labels of different languages.

There are two types of resources –

Types of Resources


To sum up, ASP.NET Core is a future solution for developing enterprise-level apps that are robust, scalable, and easy to maintain. Narola Infotech offers excellent .NET development services to enterprises and startups for creating robust web apps at affordable prices. So, if you are looking for the best .NET development company in the US and India, we can help.

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