Clay is a material that Animal Crossing New Horizons players will use. One of the original materials on the island, players can use it to make furniture, ocarina, and fences, and it is also a material needed for some special items. The normal situation is obtained by hitting rocks with tools, and it may also appear in balloon gifts. But in general, getting clay is quite boring.

Most fans hope to give full play to their imagination on their islands and make the game process more interesting. Hitting the rocks every day from my home island is the only boring way.

Mystic Island is a place where you can get as many materials as you can with new materials, and the drop rate of clay is higher than it is at home. You can hit three different kinds of rocks with a shovel or an axe and get clay. Some will fall near you, some will hit the rocks and go a long way, and you can dig a hole in the spot where they fall to help collect the clay.

The drop rate of clay in Balloon Presents is much lower. The capture balloon will have a high drop rate on a certain level, after all, the price of a piece of clay is only 100 bells. Players who don't like earthenware or are not interested in clay craftsmanship will sell them directly.

If you want to use clay to make clay pots, sakura bonsais, and brick ovens, and other DIY items, Mysterious Island Tour is a better choice for you to save Nook Miles tickets and get clay. Of course, you can choose to buy clay by buying bells or Buy Nook Miles Tickets on This is a very suitable website for players who need clay. Your interest may not be popular, but that's you.