Lip fillers are always increasing in demand and the reason for them being so popular lies in the instant beauty they provide to the lips. Lip fillers are very popular among the younger and older population because fuller lips are a sign of beauty and youth.


However, the recent trend of getting a lip-filler injected by untrained professionals e.g. salon therapists and the likes is on the rise which poses substantial danger and can lead to devastating complications that one may repent for life.


What are the points one must keep in mind before getting lip-fillers done?

  1. Are you a good candidate?
  2. what are lip fillers?
  3. How much can I get in one go?
  4. Is the procedure painful?
  5. Will there be swelling after lip fillers/
  6. How log will my result last?
  7. When can I wear lipstick after my lip fillers?
  8. Whar if I don't like the result or I feel it is overdone?
  9. Can I have my lips increased significantly by fillers like the celebrities?
  10. How do I coose my injector?


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