Metal Detectors


Metallic impurities in your product can always occur, no matter how careful your processes are. This makes it critical to remove contaminants before they damage production machinery or even the customer. CASSEL metal detectors reliably detect all metallic contaminants and offer protection against machine damage, production downtime, unhappy customers or product recalls.Get more news about Metal Detector,you can vist our website!

Regardless of whether contamination consists of iron, steel, stainless steel or non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper and brass, whether it is exposed or enclosed in the product: our metal detection systems detect all metallic foreign bodies using 4-quadrant technology. They send a signal to the process control system and eject the contaminated products fully automatically with fast-switching separation systems.

Metal detector METAL SHARK® BD-E2 MEAT is used free-standing or combined with conveyor belts. Using 3D detection technology, it detects the smallest magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants (iron, stainless steel, aluminium etc.) precisely and reliably even under difficult conditions.

The robust, closed stainless steel housing is extremly stable and easy to clean - ideally suited to the meat industry.The METAL SHARK® BD can be perfectly adapted to your production by various special designs and accessories. Different temperature or hygiene requirements are taken into account as well as complicated product requirements for metal detection.

For your audit reliability, a Performance Verification Certificate can be issued by CASSEL service technicians during commissioning or maintenance.