The industrial cyclone dust extractor has simple structure, small floor space, low investment and convenient operation and maintenance. It has become a commodity chosen by many manufacturers. However, there are many types of industrial cyclone dust extractors, and their functions cannot be fully utilized if they are not selected purposefully. Therefore, I will introduce the working principle of industrial cyclone dust extractor and its selection principle.

Industrial cyclone dust extractor is a dust removal device that uses centrifugal force generated by rotating airflow to separate dust particles from combined dust airflow. It has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, no special accessory equipment, low cost, no moving parts in the device, and convenient operation and maintenance. Industrial cyclone dust extractor are generally used to capture particles above 5-15 microns, and the dust removal efficiency can reach more than 80%. In recent years, the improved industrial cyclone dust extractor has a dust removal efficiency of more than 95%. Its disadvantage is that the efficiency of trapping particles smaller than 5 microns is not high.

cyclone dust extractor

Working principle of industrial cyclone dust extractor:

After the dust-containing gas enters tangentially from the inlet, it rotates from top to bottom along the inner wall of the cylinder. In this process, due to the centrifugal force, the dust particles in the airflow are thrown to the cylinder wall to realize the separation of gas and solid. Under the action of gravity, the particles rotate along the wall of the drum and fall into the ash hopper. This swirling flow along the wall of the drum from top to bottom is called the outer vortex.

The cone inside the industrial cyclone dust extractor makes the radius of rotation of the outer swirling flow continue to decrease. According to the principle of constant rotation distance, the tangential velocity of the inner and outer swirling flows in the cone continues to increase. When the airflow reaches a certain position of the cone, A bottom-up cyclone is formed in the middle of the separator, and the bottom-up cyclone in the middle is discharged from the exhaust port, which is called an internal vortex.

In addition, when the airflow rotates at a high speed from the top of the industrial cyclone dust extractor, the pressure at the top drops, causing a part of the airflow with fine dust particles to rotate upward along the inner wall of the cylinder, and then rotate downward along the outer wall of the exhaust pipe after reaching the top cover. Join the exhaust pipe and drain away.

The remote principle of industrial cyclone dust extractor:

1. The amount of purified gas in the industrial cyclone dust extractor should be consistent with the amount of dust-containing gas that needs to be processed. The diameter of the cyclone dust collector should be as small as possible. If the required air volume is large, several small diameters can be used in parallel.

2. The inlet wind speed of the industrial cyclone dust extractor should be maintained at 18~23m/s. When it is too low, the dust removal efficiency will decrease: when it is too high, the resistance loss and power consumption will increase, and the dust removal efficiency will not increase significantly.

3. The selected industrial cyclone dust extractor has small resistance loss, low power consumption, simple structure and easy maintenance.

4. The smallest dust particles that can be captured by the industrial cyclone dust extractor should be slightly smaller than the dust particle size in the gas to be processed.

5. When the temperature of the dust-containing gas is high, the industrial cyclone dust extractor should be equipped with insulation facilities to prevent moisture from condensing in it and affecting the dust removal effect.

6. The seal of the industrial cyclone dust extractor should be good to ensure no air leakage.

When the gas contains flammable and explosive dust, it should be equipped with an explosion-proof device.

Hope that after understanding the working principle of industrial cyclone dust extractor and the selection principle, you can choose the industrial cyclone dust extractor that is more suitable for your use and your favorite.