Speaking two languages is becoming more and more common. In most countries, studying a second language is an academic obligation, and then the labor demand intensifies this process. In many cases, a second language or more knowledge can be enough to tip the balance between several candidates aspiring to the same position.

Furthermore, we could argue that knowing a second language is more important than remembering some of the most common subjects in school or university because all professions require a second language to some degree. In contrast, several subjects taught in school may no longer be relevant for some careers.

All this without mentioning that knowing a language and the one we learn at home can be a job opportunity and, therefore, can mean a career, a plan b, or even a source of extra income.

With this in mind, we'll go through some of the most beneficial and in-demand languages on the job market and some reasons to think about adding them to our resume.


It's no surprise that English is on this list because, although it is not even the second language with the most native speakers, it is the most abundant language in classrooms and offices and entertainment. It appears to be non-negotiable to learn it nowadays because of the vast number of contexts in which it is required, the ease with which it can be learned (in comparison to other languages at least), the enormous number of resources available to practice it. So, if you wish to relate your profession to copywriting, articles, and essay writing, you must be fluent in English. Leading companies, such as https://www.paperhelp.org/, specialize in English paper writing.


The language of the world's second-largest economic and political power, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, and Hong Kong, Mandarin is spoken by 1.1 billion people in the world. Despite the fact that Mandarin is much more difficult to learn than English for Spanish speakers, everything points to it being a huge advantage in the job market, especially given China's position and rapid economic growth in recent years, while other countries that speak it are becoming increasingly relevant in the global market.

Learning Mandarin is a massive challenge as it means learning a completely different script from the one we Spanish speakers share with English. However, pinyin (romanization of the language) can serve as a bridge at the beginning. On the other hand, most words and even some letters are different from what we have seen in other languages related to Spanish.


It is the most widely spoken language in Europe, from Germany to Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, and even parts of Italy. Undoubtedly one of the most complicated of the Indo-European languages and one of the most important if we bear in mind the importance of Germany in the world market and the importance of the language itself in the old continent.

Although it may appear insignificant compared to English or Mandarin, it is important to remember that the scarcity of non-native speakers can be a significant advantage in specific fields of labor, such as journalism, translation, or even the technology and automotive industries.


French is a language to consider with a presence on three continents while growing your resume. It is equally important in Europe (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg), America (Canada, United States, French Guyana, and Haiti), and many African countries. Spanish is much easier to learn for Spanish speakers than German or Mandarin, and it is frequently chosen as a third language by many. French can represent a considerable advantage in the job market.

Speaking more than one language will always be an advantage when getting a job if it cannot be considered a necessity in many cases. Likewise, it will always be an appropriate investment of time and energy, as in addition to opening doors in the workplace, it can mean connecting more deeply with the rest of the world.

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