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Aside from basic songs like recall song, one of the most sought after songs is Requiem of Twilight. Because it allows you to minimize the honing process of building a Rapport relationship, it helps you build a Rapport relationship quickly.

Rapport is one of the most underrated features in Lost Ark, and the sooner you polish it the better if you want to unlock the best rewards.

And the Requiem of Twilight is a song that clearly establishes Rapport cares with most NPCs. MMOWTS is the best seller you are looking for for Lost Ark Gold. Players can use it three times a day for each character who wants to establish a Rapport relationship. To use it, you need to select it from your library of songs the first time you interact with a suitable character. To allow you to save time while building Rapport cares, you can combine music with some gifts.

With so many characters, quests, and activities in the game, players may have a lot of chances to get the Requiem of Twilight, but miss out on small details. But don't worry, there are still things you can do to get it. If you want to get it, you have to do some Cheap Lost Ark Gold exploration at sea. If you haven't embarked on a sailing adventure, be aware that some areas are inaccessible without proper ship management and upgrades.

Lost Ark Gold

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