MATLAB is the fourth-generation programming language and includes matrix calculations, creation of user interfaces, data visualization and development of algorithms.

MATLAB abbreviates matrix laboratory. It is a programming proprietary and multi-paradigm numerical computing environment developed by MathWorks.

MATLAB is used by engineers and scientists in distinctive fields such as image processing, robotics, and computational finance; various mathematical calculations are also a part of statistics, optimization and linear algebra. MATLAB programming uses the analytical skills for the programming of data analysis, exploration and visualization.

Applications of MATLAB

Electrical engineering: MATLAB is a very popular language among electrical engineering for the various benefits that it provides to the user. Programming plays a crucial role for electrical engineers as it is adaptive, efficient and easy to use for them. It has a very familiar system of working, which eases out the process of working for the students.

Numeric simulation: Numeric simulation refers to the calculation that is to be run on the computer to follow a program that has a mathematical model for a physical system. It is mainly required to study the behavior of the systems whose mathematical models are very complex and provide analytical solutions.

Photonic application: MATLAB offers an open-source analog for result processing. Also, it can process and analyze the results of highly specialized software.

Control systems: MATLAB is considered to be one of the leading programming languages. It is used widely to design control systems in different industries like aerospace, automotive etc. it is quite easy to compute and compare the reduced-order models in MATLAB.

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