Lightweight cordless handy vacuums have become the cleaning products of the last few years. The handy cordless vacuum cleaner is small in size, flexible in use, light in weight, and comes with a large number of brush heads and suction heads. It can clean almost the whole house and is favored by the post-90s generation. Careful research found that there are still many problems in the current domestic wireless handy vacuum cleaner market, and the product quality is uneven. You will know after reading it.

First and foremost is suction. Suction power is the primary factor that affects the cleanliness and cleaning efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. It is worth noting that the greater the suction, the better. On the one hand, the excessive suction will cause the household vacuum cleaner to be too heavy, and the battery life will be significantly reduced. On the other hand, the suction will be too large and the noise will be more obvious. . Of course, if the suction is too small, it cannot absorb things, so it must be emphasized here that the suction is suitable.

The second is the battery life, which actually has a certain relationship with the home area. For a handy vacuum cleaner, 20 minutes is enough for a house below 100 square meters, and 40 minutes for a house between 150 and 180 square meters. Otherwise, it needs to be charged halfway through cleaning, which is a very uncomfortable experience.

The last one is the filter system. For household vacuum cleaners, the filter system must be strong enough to lock mites, dust, and bacteria in the dust cup of the handy vacuum cleaner to avoid being expelled to pollute the air for the second time.

Having said so much, here are a few easy-to-use handy vacuum cleaners that you can buy according to your needs.S