When you think about it, your sliding door wardrobes is something you handle, use and look at every day. It’s a main part of your indoor life. So not only do you want the wardrobe to work perfectly and meet all your clothing and footwear needs, the whole unit has to look nice as well.

The design is important both the inside and outside but so too is the durability of your sliding door wardrobe. It needs to do its job for decades. It needs to handle the daily use you subject it to. It needs to function perfectly. This is where choosing the best quality materials guarantees your satisfaction with the finished product.

And the choice is yours

There’s no such thing as the same wardrobe. You can have the hanging space and shelving to meet your needs and you can choose the finish and thus the appearance of your unit. There are many options for you including Laminate,Mirror,Mirror Inserts,and Glass,Painted and Routered panels.

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