As your printer pulls the paper from the paper tray and moves it through the printing process, the paper passes various paper sensors. If the paper does not clear a paper sensor in the expected time, the printer will give a "paper jam" error. The paper jam error typically includes a numeric code that helps to identify where the paper jam occurred. For example, HP printers will show a Paper Jam 13.01.00 error message to let the user know that the paper jam is in the paper tray. Whereas Paper Jam 13.1C.00 means that the paper jam is in the fuser assembly.


So, now that we understand that paper jams happen when the paper fails to pass the paper sensor within the expected time. Let's look at why this may happen.


  1. Feed Rollers or Pick-up Rollers


Your printer has feed rollers or pick-up rollers. These rollers are responsible for picking up one sheet of paper at a time and feeding it into the printer. The printer will not pick up the paper if these rollers become dirty, dusty, slick, or worn. You can think of these rollers like the tires on your car. The more you drive the car, the more the tires wear down and eventually lose their grip on the road. So likewise, with the rollers in your printer, the more you print, the more the rollers wear down and lose their ability to pick up the paper. Call us today at Ace copy if you need the assistance of the Best printer repair and service center in Elizabeth


  • How to fix paper jams caused by pick-up or feed rollers:


 If the pick-up or feed rollers cause your paper jam, you have a couple of options. For the first option, you can do it yourself. Use a lint-free cloth and water to clean the rollers. You will want to remove the rollers from the printer to make sure you clean the entire rubber surface of the roller. Your next option is replacing the worn rollers. For this option, we suggest contacting a professional service provider to ensure you get the proper rollers for your printer. Once you have the new rollers, this repair goes pretty quickly. 


  1. Broken Paper Sensors


As mentioned above, paper jams occur when the paper doesn't pass a paper sensor within the expected time. Sometimes, this is because the rollers couldn't pick up the paper. While other times it's caused by an issue with the actual paper sensor.


  • How to fix paper jams caused by paper sensors:


To troubleshoot this problem, you first need to know where the paper sensors are within the printer. Once you know where to look, you can inspect the paper sensor to make sure it moves freely and doesn't have visible damage. If a paper sensor is not moving freely, you may be able to adjust it and fix the issue. However, if you see that a sensor is damaged, it will likely need replacing.


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