According  to Tsgpc help fix Brother Printer is offline states with the following methods. Often shows Brother Printer in Error State, when you’re Brother Printer stops working, it’s best to use basic troubleshooting methods to get it working again. In addition, make sure your computer’s USB or wireless connection to your printing system is working properly.

Take a look at the measures you can take to resolve the Error State—

The most straightforward solution to fix the problem is to restore your system. Before storing the computer, you might watch some videos or read the user handbook.

The problem is frequently caused by a bad network. Check the network connectivity to resolve the issue. Follow the power-cycle instructions to restart your printer. This method frequently addresses several printer troubles.

The printer driver can be updated or reinstalled. The Error State, according to many Brother Printer users, is frequently caused by corrupted printer drivers. The technicians also recommend it. Consider this to be the primary cause of the Error State in your Brother Printer if the issue is remedied by installing a new printer driver or updating an old one.

Many bugs can be addressed by using a trouble-shooter. If you have access to it, go to device management and run the trouble-shooter.

If you can’t find the bug, uninstall and reinstall the printer software. It is the final and most effective step in fixing the Error State problem.

Reset the Printer

To reset a printer, turn it off and disconnect the power cable. Leave the printer for at least 30 minutes. After that, connect one end of the power line to the printer’s back and the other to the power supply. Efficacy while pushing the “Resume” button on the printing device. Continue hitting the combo keys until the LED blinks. Release the “Resume” button once you’re finished.