Industrial high vacuum dust collector is a device that separates dust from flue gas, which is called dust collector or dust removal machinery. The performance of the high vacuum dust collector system can be used to process the amount of gas, while the price of the dust collector, operation and maintenance are also factors that should be considered. There are many types of dust collector equipment, with different models, specifications and structural performance. You should read the instructions carefully before use to avoid damage to the dust collector caused by improper use. How to maintain the high vacuum dust collector?

1. The ambient temperature of the industrial high vacuum dust collector should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius, and the altitude of the working place should not exceed 1000 meters. In addition, a good ventilated environment is required, and it cannot be used in a dry room where the air contains flammable, explosive and corrosive gases.

2. The dry industrial high vacuum dust collector is not allowed to have water, and it is not allowed to operate when the hands are wet. If there is a large paper ball or plastic cloth larger than the diameter of the dust removal filter bag in the area to be cleaned, it should be removed in advance, otherwise the surface of the filter bag will be adhered early and the dust removal effect will be affected.

3. The ground wire should be connected to ensure the safety of electricity. The continuous working time of the dust removal equipment should not exceed 8 hours, mainly to prevent the occurrence of overheating and burning of the motor. Due to the special design, the high vacuum dust collector should be shut down every 8 hours and used with the machine tool.

Industrial high vacuum dust collector

4. In the process of using the automatic burning device, you should add a power cord and pull out a long enough length. Do not stretch the power cord too long. If the power cord of high vacuum dust collector is marked with yellow or red, it should be stopped immediately to prevent the power cord from being stretched too long. When necessary, retract the power cord and press the button to automatically recover.

5. Do not bend and fold the dust removal framework, so as not to affect the integrity of the framework and the high compatibility of dust removal efficiency, and in serious cases, it will affect the use of industrial high vacuum dust collectors.

6. Be careful when moving the industrial high vacuum dust collector to prevent personal and property losses due to the rupture of the dust collector.

7. When the industrial high vacuum dust collector is not in use, it should be placed in a ventilated place, like some open-air dust collectors. It should be covered with a dust cover if it is not used for a long time to prevent dust from adsorbing on the surface of the filter bag and causing damage to the filter bag. 

8. If the main unit of the high vacuum dust collector system is hot, has a burning smell, or the industrial dust collector has abnormal shaking and noise, it should stop working and send it for inspection.

The above are some ways to maintain the high vacuum dust collector. The high vacuum dust collector system has been widely used in electric power, water conservancy, steel, chemical and other industries, and has made a positive contribution to the effective control of waste discharge in my country. Although the current development prospects of the industrial high vacuum dust collector industry are not perfect, the country still attaches great importance to air pollution within these 30 years, so the future development prospects of dust removal equipment are still very ambitious.