The filter cartridge is an important part of the welding fume extractor. The filter cartridge's filter effect is realized by the filter cartridge. The filter cartridge's performance directly affects the performance and service life of the welding fume extractor.

There is a layer of e-PTFE film on the surface of the filter cartridge. The film has a very small aperture. When the dirty air flows through, the dust carried by it cannot pass through these small aperture and is trapped on the surface of the filter cartridge, so that the air can be purified and discharged into the room. So the filter cartridge is crucial to the operation, but after a long time of cleaning, trapped in the dust accumulated on the surface of the filter cartridge can form a thick layer of dust layer and jam purify air filter tube aperture, reduce the welding smoke purifier air purification effect, so in the maintenance of filter cartridge is important to clean up the dust on the surface of the filter cartridge.

the filter element

According to the different models of welding fume extractor, the cleaning of filter cartridge can be divided into two kinds, one is automatic cleaning, the other is manual cleaning. Automatic cleaning refers to the welding fume extractor with counter blowing dust removal system. It will execute automatic circulation cleaning according to the system main machine stop action & the value of cleaning pressure difference set by the user until the real-time difference pressure drops below the set value.

There is another kind of manual cleaning, some welding fume extractors do not have a cleaning system, so it needs to open the filter chamber and take out the filter cartridge. Then it will blow filter cartridge by air or water gun, it installs the filter cartridge inside machine after drying the filter cartridge.

maintain the filter element

The filter cartridge is a kind of consumables component. It has a service life and must be replaced when it expires. Otherwise, the welding fume extractor will lose the fume purifying effect. However, the proper using and maintenance can prolong the filter cartridge's service life and save maintenance cost. Therefore, the users must pay attention to maintenance and extend the service life of the equipment when using.