The mechanical seal is a packing-free seal, which can be fixed on the shaft and the pump, and has two sections to ensure close proximity to the sealing position. In the entire mechanical seal device, the pressure shaft will leak water on one side, and enter the dynamic and static rings, on the other hand, to keep the flow and ensure that the dynamic and static rings do not contact.

The main function of mechanical seal technology

The main function of mechanical seal technology is to prevent leakage of mechanical equipment during operation, change the location where the leakage is likely to occur, and change the axial sealing technology that is difficult to leak. It is widely used in coal mines, such as pumps and reducers. And so the application of equipment is also more extensive. The interior of the mechanical seal is composed of many parts. The moving ring and the pump shaft move relative to each other. The static ring and the moving ring must form a sealing surface, so as to prevent leakage. The mechanical seal technology should be combined with internal components in the process of practical application. Running together, the normal operation of the mechanical seal has a great relationship with its own components. However, in the process of operation, it is necessary to ensure the performance of its own parts to ensure that the effect of mechanical sealing technology can be exerted.

mechanical seal

Features of Mechanical Seal Technology

First of all, it has good sealing performance. Generally, the leakage of mechanical seals is controlled. Compared with other sealing technologies, mechanical sealing technology is the best choice;

Secondly, the service life is long, compared with other sealing technologies, the service life of mechanical seals is relatively long. The mechanical seal technology also does not need to be adjusted frequently. The entire mechanical seal has a compensation structure. After the installation is completed, it does not need to be adjusted frequently.

The application efficiency of the mechanical seal technology is relatively small, the contact area of the mechanical seal is small, and the wear rate is relatively small. Compared with other sealing technologies, the efficiency is relatively high. In addition, the surface of the mechanical seal technology is not easily damaged. Since the position where the mechanical seal contacts are the shaft, there is no relative movement, so the damage is relatively small.

Mechanical seals have a certain degree of shock resistance, and seals are generally developed from bellows suitable for fully compensated mechanical seals. Therefore, mechanical seals need to have better shock resistance, so as to ensure that mechanical seal technology can also be used in harsh conditions. Finally, mechanical sealing technology is required to have high performance, and the application range of mechanical sealing technology is relatively wide. Therefore, in the process of selecting forms and materials, it is necessary to continuously improve the interior of the seal to ensure that various sealing technologies are suitable for various situations. Such as high temperature, low temperature, strong corrosion, and other conditions, to prevent bad conditions, mechanical seals are affected, in the case of complex structure, can not work normally, in the case of complex assembly, can not operate normally, and can not take emergency measures measure.

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