When we go camping in the wild, the tent is like a house, which protects us from the wind and rain and protects our safety. Therefore, we must have a full understanding of this shelter in order to be more comfortable and safe when camping. Today, Friday Camp & Decor will introduce 10 basic knowledge about camping tents, suitable for friends with little camping experience.

Camping tent

1. Can camping tents keep warm?

Camping tents can moderately isolate cold air. Usually, the warmth is achieved by a combination of camping tents, moisture-proof pads, and sleeping bags. And sleeping bags and moisture-proof pads should play a major role.

2. How are camping tents ventilated?

The camping tent will be designed with ventilation holes, and there will be screen windows outside the camping tent door, which can be opened for ventilation; some camping tents will have ventilation ports at the top and then cover them with a layer of the tent, which can play a good role in ventilation.

3. Why does the camping tent condense? How to avoid it?

When a person is in a camping tent, the exhaled hot air meets the cold air outside the camping tent to form water droplets and flow down the inner wall. This situation is called condensation. Generally speaking, it is difficult for single-layer camping tents to avoid the occurrence of condensation in camping tents, while double-layer camping tents can prevent condensation from occurring.

4. How should the windproof rope be used?

Insert the non-slip end of the windproof rope into the grommet of the camping tent, tie it tightly, and then start to adjust the end of the sliding plate; pull out the loop rope near the end of the rope in the sliding plate, wrap the ground nail, and insert it into the ground to make it firm; The front end of the windbreak rope is taut, and with the other hand, pinch the three-hole slider to push it toward the camping tent end. Tighten hard, the tighter the better.

5. How to use the ground nails?

Choose the position of the ground nails according to the ground conditions. Generally speaking, the smaller the angle between the windproof rope and the ground, the better the wind resistance of the camping tent; insert the ground nails into the ground at an oblique angle of 45-60 degrees, at least 2/3 of the ground nails. into the ground, so that the maximum force;

6. What is the function of the camping tent skirt?

Around some camping tents, especially snow mountain tents, there will be floor skirts around the camping tents, which can effectively prevent the intrusion of strong winds from the bottom of the camping tents, so as to achieve the stability and warmth of the camping tents.

7. What kind of pole is stronger?

Some self-built camping tents use iron pipe supports, which are less expensive but heavier; the most commonly used type of tent poles are aluminum pipes, which are strong and flexible.

8. Which fabric camping tent has the best waterproof effect?

The waterproof treatment of camping tent fabrics is generally divided into three types: PA coating, PU coating, and calendered PVC. PU coating is to scrape PU glue on the fabric. This kind of coating has soft texture, good hand feeling, strong waterproof performance, and no aging. . The PA coating has insufficient water pressure resistance. Calendering PVC is to press a layer of PVC film on the fabric, which is thicker and heavier, prone to creases, easy to age, and easy to become brittle and hard when exposed to cold.

9. Why are the screen windows placed outside the tent door?

The camping tent door includes a waterproof layer and a mesh layer, the waterproof layer is arranged on the side facing the inside of the camping tent, and the mesh layer is arranged on the side facing the outside of the camping tent. In case of sudden windy or rainy weather, the waterproof layer can be pulled and closed inside the camping tent, and when the weather is fine, the waterproof layer can be pulled open from the inside for ventilation, and there is no need to go out of the camping tent to operate. At the same time, the mesh layer can also prevent small animals such as mosquitoes from entering the camping tent and causing trouble to people.

10. Can a stove be used in camping tents?

Can not. The camping tent fabric mostly uses polyester fiber, which is flammable, so there must be no open fire in the camping tent and around the camping tent. When using the stove, it should be kept away from the camping tent and should be at the downwind of the camping tent.

With the necessary knowledge, camping can become a fun thing to do. Friday Camp & Decor will continue to introduce relevant knowledge about camping tents, so stay tuned.