Many of these athletes haven't ever had the chance to play against one another at college due to their different ages madden coins. But this is going to be the third time to witness these dream matchups get real. Another thing that needs to be taken into consideration is that this game mode won't necessarily be permanent.

When the last two times Campus was added into Madden 22, it was only a limited time for a couple of weeks. Ohio State and Alabama will be both available for play as Campus Legends will be available the 14th of January. This is something that if you're keen to play, to play it as soon as you can so you don't end up missing any of the games.

Today, reports surfaced stating the fact that Tom Brady, who is one of the most successful quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL will soon be retiring. The announcement (which is somewhat in contention currently) was met with mixed feelings by a large number of NFL fans. While some were thrilled to learn Brady's seven time Super Bowl champion would finally be leaving the field but others were saddened to witness the end of an era.

Some of those who were able to speak about their feelings on Brady taking his leave from the NFL for good were Madden supporters, who thought about his influence on the popular football video game throughout the years.

One of the points that a lot of Madden fans talked about today in relation to Brady's retirement is just how long he's playing buy Mut 22 coins. Brady's playing career lasted 22 years all in all so he's been a part of the collection since Madden 2001. In fact, Brady remains the last active NFL player who played playing in the Madden game that was released on cartridge.