Before choosing a garden sprayer, you must identify the problem. Some areas can be treated topically with a small amount of pesticide. Other areas require larger volume sprayers. Sprayers vary widely in size, from 1 quart to 4 gallons, so it's not hard to find a model that fits every gardening need.

It is a good idea for gardeners to have at least two sprayers, one for herbicides and one for insecticides. Many herbicide residues are difficult to completely remove from spray cans, and this leftover residue can harm your plants. Also, mixing pesticides is not a good idea. Make sure to properly label each sprayer.

Whether weeding, fertilizing or repelling pests, garden sprayers are an effective and affordable way to apply fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. A garden sprayer consists of a 1- to 6-gallon plastic tank, a manual or mechanical pump, and a long stick. They feature interchangeable nozzles that allow users to dispense spray in patterns ranging from narrow streams to wide fans.