Sexual seduction has been practiced for such a long time. Sexual seduction is a social principle that involves the process of purposely tempting a person into a particular act. The way of doing it comes in varied forms. It can be done jokingly or seriously, but one thing's for sure: it usually refers to the use of a person's sexual behavior. And most of the time, sexual seduction is utilized to make a person do something that he is likely to regret in the future.

Even the great men and women of history had used their inherent power of sexual seduction to get what they want. Belonging to the list of famous seducers are Giacomo Casanova, Cleopatra, and Don Juan.

A lot of myths and legends can also be used as proofs that sexual seduction is present even before. Gods and goddesses are said to be doing it. A lot of them are also enthroned to be seduction gods and goddesses.

In the bible, sexual seduction is first committed in the story of Adam and Eve. Then it continued on in the story of Samson, King David, and even John the Baptist. Sexual seduction is very powerful, and humans were able to discover that early on.

In Cleopatra's time, she had used the influence of sexual seduction to strengthen her realm. She did that by seducing the 2 most powerful war personalities during that time. The two men she seduced were the famous Mark Anthony and Julius Caesar.

Giacomo Casanova was another famous seducer during the 18th century. In fact, his name had become tantamount to the art of seduction. He was successful in conquering a lot of woman's hearts. He was a known womanizer in his time.

The legend of Don Juan also revolves around the practice of seduction and lustfulness. Don Juan was a very cruel seducer and is able to get sex with whichever woman he wants.

Today, the common law states that seduction is a crime. Seduction is considered as a felony that is committed when a man persuaded a single woman of pure character to engage in sexual intercourse with a promise of marrying her.

Although that is the case, interestingly, the crime is not set against the female of whom the act is committed against. Instead, it is set against the parents of the woman, who is assumed to have full rights over their daughter's chastity.

Another celebrated case of sexual seduction evident throughout the course of history is the charges against Frank Sinatra. Frank Sinatra, the famous singer and actor, was accused in New Jersey for engaging in sex with an unmarried woman of good reputation. The woman claimed that he promised marriage to her. The case was immediately dismissed when the found out that the woman was previously married.

Going back to the bible, an Exodus' law had also stated that all women should be cared for properly. The law says that if a man had taken a maid to lie with her, he has to make her his wife. If and when the maid's father refuses to give her daughter to him, he should pay the equivalent amount dowry amount to the father.