The power system is composed of three parts: power plants, power supply departments, and users. How to calculate the electricity diagrams and sales between them requires a measurement tool to measure and calculate the amount of electricity between the three departments. The device is an electric energy metering device, which is also an electric energy meter. Electric energy, electric energy meters have been around for a long time. So far, the quantity and form of electric energy meters have undergone various changes. Today we will talk about Electromechanical KWh Meter .

The electromechanical watt-hour meter has emerged through the development of the electronics industry in recent years. It uses electronic circuits and chips to measure electrical energy, and uses voltage dividers or voltage transformers to convert voltage signals into small signals that can be used for electronic measurement. Use a shunt or current transformer to turn the current signal into a small signal that can be used for electronic measurement. Use a dedicated energy measurement chip to talk about the converted voltage. The current signal is subjected to analog or digital multiplication. The energy can be accumulated, and then the frequency and energy can be output. Proportional pulse signal.

However, as far as families are concerned, although the sales volume of electromechanical watt-hour meters is good, many ordinary families still choose series-connected meters. After all, three phase meter have relatively complete functions for ordinary families.