New World will be launching the Heart of Madness update in March, which will bring players some important new content in the form of a new endgame adventure and a new weapon, the Blunderbuss. This expedition will take players to the heart of the Broken Mountains against the game's main villain, Isabella. Players can learn more details from NewWorldCoins.

Along the way, players will discover "secrets of her past" as they explore her corrupt mind. Tempest's Heart will be an endgame expedition for five players who need level 60 with a recommended gear score of 550 or higher. The Heart of Madness update will also add another ranged weapon to New World's arsenal in the form of the Blunderbuss.

Billed as a near mid-range weapon, the Blunderbuss will expand with strength and intelligence, making it ideal for tank slugger characters or mages. It will have two different skill trees, Containment and Chaos. Containment will revolve around mobility and proximity to Buy New World Coins deal damage in a blank area, while Chaos Tree is more focused on keeping a safe distance and dealing damage in a wide area.

Blunderbuss and Tempest's Heart expeditions will soon be on the New World's public beta area, along with more weapon balance changes, bug fixes, and more. As the number of gamers continues to decline, Amazon recently said it needs to give players more time to test future updates on the game's PTR.

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Amazon also emphasized that while it may not always be as fast as fans would like, the development team is listening to players' concerns, and the team is considering removing or changing some of the game's systems that create friction for players. In addition to that, if players want to perform well in the game, it is very necessary to buy New World Coins from NewWorldCoins for long-term support.